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Hello, everyone!

Guess what: I am a whale and I am getting in touch with you on behalf of us animals, your fellow Earthers, with whom you share this planet. We have found a way to communicate with you, humans, through the internet.

We see you around a lot and we know you cannot understand us when we talk to you, but we’ve received help from a distant place to make ourselves understood. We would like you to know us.

That's why we've written some stories and we hope you’ll read them. We thought you’d also be interested in knowing how we got help to do this. You’ll find out if you read the following letter we received recently, although we don’t know where from:

Scroll rolled cropped_Low Res.jpg

There was no signature or address…

That was when we decided to write  stories about us.

We've created this web page to get them to you. When you read these stories you will be getting a glimpse of our lives.

A letter came from a distant place...
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We generated this preview combining the eBook and the audiobook for "Konga the Gray Whale," which are sold separately.




inés horovitz


I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and spent my childhood in Buenos Aires and Virginia, USA. I graduated from the University of Buenos Aires with a Biology degree and subsequently graduated with a PhD in Ecology and Evolution from Stony Brook University, USA.  My work in this field included projects analyzing how fossil and living species of mammals are related to each other in an evolutionary framework and I have published a number of papers about this subject for a variety of mammals.  I conducted field work in different regions of the world, which helped me appreciate this fascinating and irreplaceable planet we have. I live in Los Angeles, USA, and am currently raising Leah, my wonderful daughter, I am working as an interpreter and translator, and in my spare time, I write stories.

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