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Dear non-human inhabitants of Planet Earth,

      We live on a planet far away from yours. We explored your planet long ago but we only found some animals in your oceans at the time and had little communication with them. We had not explored your corner of the universe in a long time until one day we intercepted a spacecraft humans had sent to space, called Voyager 1. On it we found a record with many images and sounds. After reviewing the contents of the record we started investigating your planet again and at this point we can say we can understand everything that is included on the record. We are almost certain humans did not understand everything they included on it, however. Apparently humans do not understand sounds produced by other Earthers, which is remarkable, because humans are interested in communicating with life from other planets. We understand from what several animals say on the record, that your planet is in danger because of how humans treat it. We did some research and what we thought was most important is that because of burning coal, oil and gas and cutting down trees, among other things, temperature on Planet Earth is increasing very fast. Oceans are becoming warmer and more acidic. Because of all this, many Earther species are going extinct. Humans are wreaking havoc in landscapes and ecosystems with their devastating surface mining. Also, they use tons and tons of plastic and very tiny pieces of plastic trash are found everywhere. Besides all this, humans go to war a lot, kill each other, and damage everything around them in the process. So we’ve become a little anxious about communicating with humans, because of our own safety and that of our planet. But we have decided to communicate with you, non-human Earthers. We would like to help you. In spite of all said, we have come to realize humans can “love.” So don’t give up: you may be able to be loved by humans. We will send you a way to translate your languages to human languages. And you could tell them stories about yourselves. Hopefully once they know you better, they’ll love you. Because they cannot love something they don’t know, right? And once they know you and love you, let’s hope they’ll care about you enough to stop destroying you and the places where you all live.


Best wishes!

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